JournalMap is an incredible tool for making your published articles available to current or potential subscribers through an innovative and evolving search platform. When a JournalMap user discovers your article and is interested in accessing the full content, they’re directed to your website for access or purchase – in just one click.

Additional benefits for publishers include:

  • Geotagging services for bulk processing of journal archives
  • Journal issues and topical article collections
  • Collaborative development of location reporting attribution standards

JournalMap is in active development and we have many exciting plans to make this platform even more effective for researchers and publishers alike. Our primary goal is to expand the quantity and breadth of available journals and we have had successful geotagging and integration efforts with publishers like Taylor & Francis, Pensoft, Oxford University Press, IOP Publishing and others. Read more about how Taylor & Francis describe our working partnership.

Join us in making your content accessible via JournalMap by contacting to learn more.

Premium Integration

Are you interested in getting even more value out of JournalMap technology?

In addition to the standard publisher services described above, we’re interested in developing even more innovative ways to allow publishers to maximize the potential of JournalMap. We’ve got a few ideas of our own…

  • Delivering embedded map widgets to publisher websites
  • Creating dedicated publisher-specific resources
  • Providing access to on-demand content analytics
  • And more …

We’re very interested in hearing your ideas about ways we might work together to serve the needs of your customers and your business.

If you’re a publisher or publisher platform provider, let’s talk about how to get JournalMap working even harder for you. Contact the technology development team at The Other Firm by calling (+1) 503-336-5359 or by sending an email to

Top Journals

We are constantly adding new content to JournalMap – new issues of journals already included as well as additional journals. Presently, we have articles from 1763 in JournalMap. Our top 25 journals are:

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