The support of JournalMap by researchers and authors has turned JournalMap from a concept demonstration into a viable knowledge system. With your help we can continue to improve JournalMap and make it a dynamic research tool. There are several ways users of JournalMap and authors of scientific papers can contribute to growing and improving JournalMap.

Contribute Geotagged Articles

You can contribute and geotag articles directly through the JournalMap website. These can be articles that you have authored or ones that you’ve collected through your research or lit reviews. If you have a lot of articles you’d like to submit to JournalMap, get in touch with us for some batch uploading options.

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Create a Collection

JournalMap’s Collections are a great way to show off the spatial distribution of articles. You can create a collection from articles you’ve contributed or any other article in JournalMap. Share the unique URL for your collection, or create an embeddable map for your own website.

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Make Your Voice Heard!

Let us know the kinds of features and content you would like to see in JournalMap filling out a feedback form or getting in touch with us. If you’ve used article geotagging in a project or you have a cool mashup of JournalMap content with other web services, we’d love to hear about it. You can also offer corrections or suggestions for JournalMap’s geotagged articles.

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Spread the Word!

Let your peers and project collaborators know about JournalMap and encourage them to contribute as well.

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Contact Us

If you're interested in collaborating on the JournalMap project, contact:

Jason Karl, Ph.D.
Research Ecologist,
USDA Agricultural Research Service
Jornada Experimental Range
(575) 646-1301